Post-__________ Day.

This job and work is crazy.

We go in and do our best to teach our students. Teach them that they’re important, just the way they are.

That there’s love in this world and that there’s much worth living for.

And then we leave that teaching world and fight for what we want in that world.

We run and run and run to get our friends elected. Some win, some lose.

Post-election day, we have a drink. Maybe a few if it was really bad.

Then it’s Fight for 15.

That doesn’t end because that’s an ongoing fight.

And the climate change fight. Wisconsin and Florida just banned those words from being used.

And the fight to get back our immigration services, now that Rauner has cut them. What will that do for our orgs?

Quick, rally downtown! Let’s do this.

And in the meantime, fight for autism services. Rauner cut autism services for the year. On World Autism Day. WHAT. And now my students and their parents won’t get essential autism services, therapies.

Because everything affects our students. And everything affects us.


I screamed out at Sue Garza’s after-campaign 10th Ward party because I was so tired of doing this back-and-forth. This back-and-forth that never seems to end. Yet another something to fight for.

There’s never a post-election day, is there? Because that’s another day and another fight.

My friend who ran for alderman told me I need to just start saying “no” to things.

It’s so hard to do. My only New Years Resolution this year was to say “No” more often.

Will I ever learn to do that?

Will there ever really be a post-_____ day? I doubt it.

AHHHH. Onto the next thing.


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