“What did we do before cell phones?”
1. We did what we were going to do in life anyways. We went where we were supposed to go, etc.

2. If we were going somewhere we looked up the address online (thank goodness for Internet) and looked up, even printed out, directions when necessary.

3. We talked to friends in person or via landline phone call (which would cut off Internet DSL access, so timing was strategic) and made plans;

4. We followed through on said plans or tried to relay the message via landline that we weren’t coming/were late, hours before rather than a few minutes before or even after.
Now that I’ve busted this cell phone somehow, either by downloading a third-party app or what, and of course during my trip to NYC, I’ve had to consider this supposedly life-or-death #firstworldproblem question. And yes, life will be okay. 
And might be nicer to not have my eyes glued to my phone this whole trip. 🙂


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