Why I’ll fight for a Bernie presidency over a Hillary one.

Some of you know I am a Bernie Sanders supporter. I haven’t gone here into why I’ve donated to his campaign and why I’ll fight for a Bernie presidency over a Hillary one.

I’m pretty sure I voted for Hillary in my first primary, I am not sure. I was 19 and was voting in my first presidential primary- Hillary was my New York senator and she seemed to be doing fine. I didn’t know very much about her. And what I found out, in this new age of internet use, made me not trust her. I don’t think Hillary has integrity- I think she’s a liar and will do what’s politically expedient and popular at the time, re: gay marriage, NAFTA, etc. And I do think her funding and funders affect the way she will run the country as president- and I worry about the fate of healthcare because of that.

It would be great to have a woman as president. It would be great to feel like sexism didn’t win this time. But Hillary, in my opinion, won’t do much for the young people who’ve been screwed by this awful economy. The feminism that comes from her, moreover, is a white neoliberal feminism, and one that doesn’t represent women of color well. That’s part of another shade of sexism we need to work on, and is not Hillary’s fault.

I believe Bernie Sanders’ stances on issues, his policies, and his push to maintain funding from the people, and not from just a few hundred people, will actually help poor people and people of color. Many attack that he doesn’t stump speech enough about and for people of color, but his policies on single-payer healthcare, college funding, and taxes will help people of color, and I believe more so than Hillary’s policies will. Bernie is completely right that lobbyists have had a far greater effect on politics today than what’s really important on the ground and for the future, including climate change and gun control.

I want to see more on education and foreign policy from him, and I hope he gets there. I hear about his gun control history and I hope he’ll be nuanced and against the gun lobby. I hope his ideas pass through a divided and divisive Congress, but change doesn’t happen without a starting point.

Having been in Chicago four years, I’ve been pushed to focus on the issues that candidates espouse, rather than personality. I’m not perfect, as we’ve all been pushed toward likeability politics because of the way our election system is. But if you look at the issues and policies, you get your answer. For me, who will I vote for? My answer is Bernie Sanders. He’s not perfect- no one is, but I think he will do far more good for the people of the United States, and, dare I say it, the world, than Hillary will.

And if Bernie doesn’t win? Sadly, because of the vitriol and furor of Republican candidates, and because I never want to see Cruz, Trump, or Rubio run this country, I’d vote for Hillary. She would be better of the evils, and that’s how America’s had to vote in far too many elections, if they voted at all because of their feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness in this political system.

Glad I have a community of folk who I can talk to about this without resorting to name-calling and violence.


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