Chinese New Year with my students.

So I’m going to start back writing again on this blog. It’s been hard to write as so much has been happening, but I think I’ll start a bit at a time, including with this entry I put on Facebook:

On being a Chinese teacher-

I teach in a mostly Latino school, and we’re doing some lessons on colonial culture, which the kids are very disconnected from. So we decided to teach about a culture the kids don’t know so kids can practice looking at a culture they don’t know well- Chinese culture, through the lens of Chinese New Year. I read a book, showed them pictures of my CNY celebrations, and they wrote about the holiday, then about their own holidays, customs, and traditions. They had so many questions and were so excited that we didn’t finish the lesson in any of the fourth-grade rooms! “We have to go!” “No, but can we stay and finish?” This bulletin board took some loving.

Chinese New Year Bulletin Board

Now, all over the school, I’m a mini-celebrity. Kids in all grades are telling me I’m a snake, asking me about my family, my language, how to say certain words in Chinese (I speak Cantonese), the kinds of Chinese foods I eat, what they eat, and where they can see the Chinese New Year parade in Chicago.

I love being Chinese American. I love being a part of many cultures. I love that I can take parts of each and make a unique me. And, I love that I am aware of this so I can help my students do the same.

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone.



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