Life updates.

This is the end of my Chicago chapter. Friday I finished packing all of my things, and I shipped six boxes to the East Coast. Yesterday I had breakfast with my housemates, kissed and hugged folks goodbye, and sobbed into many used and unused Kleenexes.

Yesterday I flew away from Chicago for good. I’ll be back to visit my second home, the Second City, Chicago. But my first home, New York City, has been calling me back. After five years of being in Chicago, it’s time to go home.

Oftentimes in Chicago I miss being Chinese- speaking my language, eating my food, seeing my family. Here, I fight to be Chinese and to do all the things that make me feel Chinese. I fight hard to teach in Chicago, as I will in NYC. But most of all,  I miss my family. I want to build something larger for myself, and I know I can only do that when family is closer by. I’m so looking forward to building a relationship with my parents and family that I can only do as an adult.

Yesterday, when I flew from Chicago, I didn’t fly into NYC. Yesterday I flew to Minnesota. I flew in a day early to see my college friends. Today I represent the Chicago Teachers Union for the first and last time as a delegate at the American Federation of Teachers Convention. Currently I sit poolside in my hotel room, applying for elementary special education teaching positions in NYC, and reflecting on the past few weeks, months, years.

This is the end of my Chicago chapter. This is my last duty as a Chicago Teachers Union Local 1 member. Thursday, I return to NYC, my first home. I’m so sad. And, and, I’m so excited.


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