Annie Tan, where can I find your writing?

A little over a week ago I went to the third annual convention of the Caucus of Working Educators (WE Caucus) to figure out how to get plugged into the social justice teacher unionism fight in the East Coast. A new acquaintance, who is the president of a NJ local, asked me what I did in this fight, and I told her, amongst other things, that I wrote. She asked me where she could find my writing, and I couldn’t tell her, because it’s not all in a central location.

So here’s my writing attributed to me that’s available on the internet- I didn’t start writing publicly until a few years ago, and I’d like to keep on. I’m also proud to say that I wrote all of this while also being a full-time teacher and that I’ve written more in the past year than ever before. I’ll keep this list going as I continue to write and be published in other places. Hopefully this keeps me writing, and maybe, in a few years, you’ll see a lot more on this list. Maybe even a book one of these days.

Twitter at @angryteachr


9/4/14: “I felt Strange and Guilty”: Annie Tan @TeachForAmerica alum speaks” on Julian Vasquez Heilig’s blog Cloaking Inequity

Fall 2015: “Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig and Annie Tan: Uncloaking Inequity” in Diversity in Education Magazine

2/6/16: “I don’t want to be pushed out” on Fred Klonsky’s blog

2/22/16: “Peter Liang Was Justly Convicted- He’s Not A Victim, Says This Niece of Vincent Chin” on Medium (and 2/23/16: “Peter Liang Was Justly Convicted. He’s Not a Victim” on Huffington Post)

4/1/16: “School Shutdown in Chicago Underscores Attacks on Public Education Nationwide” on Truthout  (technically not written by me, but is my oral interview)

10/31/16: “Why I’ll Keep Teaching, Despite the Hardships” on Edutopia


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