Those kids.

You know those kids? Whose smiles you know are 100% genuine when you see them? Whose only worry seems to be what’s for lunch that day?

The ones who are trying their best so sincerely, who sometimes get it, sometimes don’t, but are doing everything in earnest?

The ones who help out without being asked to? The ones who just seem to lunge to action when they see something wrong happening?

The ones who are quick to crack a (bad) joke when they see someone who’s sad? The ones who’ll draw you a drawing as a holiday present of one of your favorite things (tea) because they wanted to share their soul and interests with you, knowing it’s not the material things that matter?

The ones who spend their precious money on other people? (I wouldn’t have thought ever to do that in elementary school)

Those kids who hug you and other classmates without you asking and the ones you have to teach, “Hey, not everyone wants a hug all the time. You have to ask them if they want to be hugged”?

Those kids.

Those kids are the ones who give me hope, that make me come into school every day. Those are the ones who push me to be a better person, to see the world through their eyes.

Those kids are the ones who I wish we could all be, because school and life beat us down.

We used to be that hopeful, creative, generous. I feel it beat out of me. Those kids? They remind me I had it all along, and that it’s worth fighting for.


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