My sign for the #WomensMarch Saturday.

All this week I was trying to figure out what sign I’d bring with me to DC for the Women’s March on Saturday. There were just so much to write about. If the rally were about education, I’d make a sign about my teaching. If it were about racial justice, then that. But literally there’s too much to say. And I made a joke while asking others for ideas- “There’s so much wrong with Trump it literally won’t all fit on a sign.”

“Ooh, Go with that,” folk said.


Great slogan- “There’s so much wrong with Trump that I won’t fit it all on this sign.” But how to make my sign more clever, more visual? Hmm… why not literally write down everything wrong with Trump? I asked folk what was wrong with Trump- they obliged. So below are all the issues I recorded within my sign-

  • “Build a wall,” “deport them”, ban Muslims and immigrants rhetoric
  • Jeffrey Sessions as attorney general
  • Betsy DaVos as Secretary of Education, no experience
  • Rex Tillerson
  • Pence and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric
  • Administration does not believe in climate change
  • likely fight against Standing Rock and #NoDAPL
  • Militarization of marginalized groups
  • Normalization of Islamophobia
  • “Grab them by the pussy,” “I can kiss whoever I want because I’m a celebrity” talk
  • Billionaire class that profits from his presidency
  • Trump University and the settlement
  • Killing health insurance for millions with no ACA replacement
  • Twitter troll
  • Relationship with Russia and Putin, including alleged “golden showers” blackmail
  • Relationship with Breitbart (and Bannon, not included in sign)
  • Media distractions, including silencing free press
  • Narcissistic orange man who prioritizes his image and not the USA
  • Nepotism and first lady issues including the rise of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
  • Tokenization of people of color, including Kanye, Omarosa, and Steve Harvey
  • “Mexico will pay for the wall” which the Mexican president has labeled “libel”
  • The starting of the birther movement against Obama
  • Divide and conquer strategy through trolling us
  • Me- “What is your plan”?
  • Promotion of fascism, racism, and xenophobia
  • No thought leaders
  • Normalizing of sexual assault
  • Policing of women’s bodies
  • No abortions and no birth control (ironically written within a lowercase t like a funeral cross)
  • Privatization of public education
  • Defunding of Planned Parenthood
  • Me- “stay away from my uterus, government”
  • Sexist pig
  • (Allegedly) raped women and children
  • Con artist
  • Mocks people with disabilities
  • Paranoid
  • Group think person
  • Not included- anti-Union and labor, hypocrisy of keeping jobs within country when his clothing line makes clothes in Mexico and China, obsession with the young and pretty, silencing of anyone who disagrees with him, clear lack of knowledge about national and international politics, alienation of the American people. Need I say more?

Phew, that was a lot. What’d I miss?


One thought on “My sign for the #WomensMarch Saturday.

  1. Every thing you wrote about Trump it was some true and some false. Isn’t it interesting you don’t disagree about anything your person running for office did.

    Both Obama and Hilleary knew about ISS and armed them. Obama knew about ISS in the second year of his first term and he knew what they were doing and he did nothing. This is right? How many people were killed by them and our government ignored this. Blood is on their hands. Would you ignore this radical group? How do we face these people? Not only that how many sites did they destroyed that were thousands of years old are now gone. Is this right?

    On Muslims coming to our country, how do we know if they will start or do something that will kill American’s?
    There is nothing bad to have a background check that happened when other groups that went through Elise island.
    Why do you think these people want to come to this country? Just like you and me our for fathers came to this country because of our freedom , getting education, make a difference in your family, getting involved in your community, having a home for their families. So you have a problem with background checks. What would you feel if someone in your family was killed in one of these attacks?

    About México sending their criminals into our country so we need to take care of them. These people can become citizens of America. They work just like us pay taxes, purchase homes, and send their kids to school to become doctors or anything else they want to do.
    So let them to become citizens and they will have nothing to worry about.

    Lets talk about Obama Care and how the premiums that have over doubled and the your cost going up over $3500.00 from last year. So now you pay over $7,000.00 for your deductions before the insurance company helps you. You can only purchase certain insurance companies in you state. You don’t see a problem with this? Do you know if you don’t take the insurance you only pay $645.00 at tax time to not to be in the insurance group.

    I can go on but you need to look at what you will do to America if you keep going down this path.
    You have more rights than almost any other country in the world.
    Will America be prefect NO but show me another country you can do what you are expressing right now and not be arrested and thrown in jail. Take a look at other countries and see what rights women have there?
    You and a lot of other women are spoiled because you don’t know what you have that other women in the world don’t.
    I support what you are doing because you have the right to do it. Do I agree with what you are saying NO. This is the American way.


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